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Blog: A Real Life Example of Hiring A Service Company The Proper Way!

Jane Parker lives in Calgary, Alberta, and wants an update to her bathroom. The tub is old, the tiling is chipping and out of date, and Jane believes..

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Is Weed Control Safe For Your Kids And Pets?

Across Alberta, thousands of homeowners trust the work of lawn care professionals to service their lawn all season long. Companies make this happen..

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Get Rid Of Creeping Bellflower In Your Yard

What Is Creeping Bellflower? Creeping bellflower is a common occurrence across lawns in Alberta. Originally it came from Europe but was then..

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What Is Quack Grass? [+How To Prevent It]

Quack grass might sound like a funny name, but there’s nothing funny about this pesky grass invading your otherwise beautiful lawn. Of all the..

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How To Get Rid Of Weeds For Good [Everything You Need To Know]

Killex Weed Control is a leading weed control product sold at home improvement and garden centers. It is attractive to homeowners because it kills..

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How Can I Stop Weeds From Growing Through Concrete? [Gone For Good]

Block paving can be a beautiful addition to any landscape. However, it’s also going to take special care to maintain. If it is properly installed, a..

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Blog: What's The Active Ingredient In Weed Control? [Full Breakdown]

For avid gardeners and those who love their lawns, finding the right weed killers and other solutions could prove to be a bit of a challenge. Plenty..

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Blog: 4 Best Ways To Have A Weed Free Lawn [Without Breaking The Bank]

Weeds on your lawn are like acne on your face; completely natural, yet we’d all prefer if they didn’t exist. A weed by definition, is any unwanted..

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