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Why Power Raking Is Bad For Your Lawn [+The Damage It Causes]

      It’s April, you look outside your window and see your lawn, and the sight is less than impressive. It’s brown and yellow and you see little..

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Blog: Why Hiring A Lawn Care Company Saves You Money! [Full Calculation]

      Every Spring once the birds start chirping, the sun starts shining and the snow begins to melt, dozens of lawn care companies start marketing..

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Blog: Why Do You Need To Fertilize Your Lawn Every Year?

The frigid winter season has finally let go of it’s chilly grasp. You peek outside at your lawn through your lightly frosted window, and you are..

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The Real Cost Of Not Doing Lawn Care [Why It's Detrimental]

       Let’s say you decide never to go to the dentist because, after all, you brush your teeth! But after two years there is an odd pain in your..

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Understanding Lawn Care Auto-Renewal [Avoiding A Scam]

      Maintaining your yard is time consuming and labour intensive, so you decide to hire a company to do the work for you. You agree to an in-person..

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What Is Yard Dawgs Auto Renewal [Subscribe And Save Explained]

      If you type in “subscribe-and-save” to Google, you’ll have entered upon a wealth of information about Amazon. However, this giant is not the..

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Blog: How To Get Rid of Grassy Weeds In Canada [Tips That Actually Work]

      Have you ever mowed your lawn and then looked back a couple days later only to notice that some grass appears to grow faster than the rest of..

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How Do The Big 5 Lawn Care Companies Compare in Calgary?

      When Spring rolls around every year and Calgarians are able to see their lawn again, lawn care - once again - is on the brain. Thousands of..

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How Much Should I Water My Lawn In Calgary? [Spring, Summer and Fall]

      Best watering practices should always be specific to the region you are living in. If you are living in the Calgary, Alberta region, you have..

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Blog: 3 New Modern Landscape Ideas That You Didn't Know About [+ Where To Buy Them]

      We’ve all driven past beautifully landscaped yards with a little envy. What thoughts go through your mind: How did they do that? Where could I..

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