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How Does Lawn Care Auto Renewal Work?

      Auto renewal is essentially a subscription-based business model where a company offers the same products on a recurring basis. Yard Dawgs has adopted this system. Prices change year to year for any business. However, we are transparent with our customers. Before performing services in the Spring each client will receive an email indicating what services will be performed and the cost of their package, which is how much their card will be charged. The homeowner can opt out of auto renewal whenever they choose.

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      After successfully negotiating a contract with a company that both parties find acceptable, why not put it in place and leave it there? It’s a symbiotic relationship in the sense that both the client and the company are receiving value from the renewing contract. The homeowner can rest easy knowing their lawn will be taken care of each and every season, and the lawn care company can forecast budget in terms of equipment and number of technicians needed.

      There is a barrier eliminated to the purchase decision. There is no need to deal with an abundance of sales calls or emails. Instead, you can relax and know your lawn will be taken care of without having to call and book each time. You’ll be notified before we come out to complete the service. Because we don’t need to contact our customers in order to see if our customers want to renew their services, we save on labour costs and pass those savings onto you.

      Auto renewal saves our sales team from making thousands of calls during the off season, which ultimately saves you the hassle of the follow up calls and emails year to year. In turn the discount is passed off to you. However, if it’s not in the budget or for any other reason you can skip a year or cancel all together. There is absolutely no obligation. If, however, you are satisfied with the service we perform you can rest easy knowing it’s being taken care of year-to-year.

      Many companies exercise this business practice due largely, to customer requests. It’s not an uncommon occurrence to enjoy a service but become increasingly frustrated with sale calls and constant reach outs. When customers auto renew, they opt out of the sales calls and opt into seasonal lawn care services. Although as an auto renewed customer you will have the benefit of receiving all necessary information for your year of lawn care services.

      All relevant information (such as how much your card will be charged and what services are being performed) will be contained within an email at the end of the season and before services begin the following year. At this time, you can choose to revise your package or cancel all together. However, if there is no response you can expect us to show up and complete the service.

      We don’t want our customers to feel blindsided. We want you to know everything about the service you’ll be receiving. Some businesses put the auto renewal section in print so fine, you’d need a magnifying glass. So, without realizing it, you’ve committed to a company on a reoccurring basis. We don’t condone that type of practice. Our focus, ultimately, is for you as the customer whatever is easiest.

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