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Yard Dawgs Signature Learning Centre

Our Lawn Care Knowledge Right At Your Fingertips
Lawn Score

Get Your Lawn Score!

Find out which package is right for you, between Pomeranian to the Great Dane there are many options. Take our quiz today to find out!

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Lawn IQ

Lawn Care IQ Quiz!

Put your lawn care knowledge to the test. Looking for a challenge? This is the quiz meant for you!

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Equipment Knowledge

Equipment Knowledge!

Think you know what an aerator looks like? Or what those 3 number of a fertilizer bag means? Take the quiz to find out!

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Weed Identification Knowledge

Weed Identification Knowledge!

Learn the difference between grassy and broadleaf weeds. Take the quiz to test your weed knowledge!

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Ultimate Guide to Weed Identification

Weed Identification eBook

Learn to identify the Top 15 weeds that are most likely in your lawn and how to eliminate them

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Ultimate Guide to Lawn Fertilization

Essential Guide to Lawn Fertilizer

Learn the best tips and tricks with everything to do with lawn fertilizer

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Ultimate Hiring Guide

7 Tips To Hire a Lawn Care Company

Here we outline the best insider tips to make sure you hire the best lawn care company this season!

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Ultimate Guide to Fall Lawn care

Essential Guide To Fall Lawn Care

Here we outline the best insider tips to make sure you follow the best lawn care tips for the fall season!

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