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Blog: 3 New Modern Landscape Ideas That You Didn't Know About [+ Where To Buy Them]

      We’ve all driven past beautifully landscaped yards with a little envy. What thoughts go through your mind: How did they do that? Where could I buy something like that for my lawn? Or perhaps you give up all together, “it’s too expensive for me.” But is it? As someone in the landscaping industry, I can say with certainty, there are many amazing products out there that are affordable and relatively easy to install. It can be a daunting proposition. Planning will bring you the optimal success for your lawn. Make sure you’re segmenting your lawn into manageable portions. Don’t take on too much at once. There are many DIY landscaping projects you can take on this summer but keep a sense of order. If you take on too much at once, you’re exciting DIY project is sure to turn out disastrous. It’s as simple as having the right tools. You’ll maximize your time, ensure your safety and be most efficient in the long run.

      Let's dive into how you can make your lawn as attractive as possible this summer!


Inspiration 1: Concrete Curbed Edging

 (vs. Plastic Edging)

    When completing a landscaping project, there's almost always an area that needs a border. Usually between the lawn, garden beds, trees, or rock garden. There usually needs to be something to separate the two. Currently, the most common solution is the plastic edging you can buy at Home Depot.

However, plastic edging comes with problems.


Plastic Edging



Affordable at $3 per linear foot Needs To Be Replaced After 3-5 Years
Easy To Install And Looks Good If Installed Properly Needs Maintenance Every Year To Stay In Place
Easily Replaceable Short-Term Solution

      The new product that we recommend is called concrete curbing. This product has been around for about 10 years and has really taken off in the past couple of years for many reasons. They look like patio stone edging, also referred to as mowing pavers. But it is concrete that has a dye and a unique stamp. This product is perfect around anywhere that needs a solid border to last for a long time. The options are endless with the stamp designs and colors. What we really like about this product is the durability, beautiful designs, and effectiveness of bordering off rock, mulch, trees etc. The price to have this installed is quite affordable, it ranges between $10-$12 per linear foot and usually comes with a good warranty. A good company in Calgary we would recommend is Kwik Kerb.


black concrete curbing separating garden from lawn

Concrete Curbing



Extremely Durable Tough To Replace
Aesthetically Pleasing More Expensive Than Plastic Edging
Wide Variation Of Designs  
Relatively Affordable  
Usually Comes With A Warranty  

  There are some benefits to DIY, but concrete edging is not the project to choose. It is much more cost effective to go with a company.  However, know they can be poured at any depth or width because of how  they can be formed. Their selling feature is that they are the most long-lasting edging option available. If you want to add a clean look to your home hire a company to define your lawn with this edging.


Inspiration 2: Wooden Pavers by Barkman


      Barkman is a Canadian owned landscape manufacturer. They supply and manufacture precast concrete pavers. You’ll see these in city sidewalks and by the river. Barkman is a common choice among landscape contractors. Visiting their website will provide you with a lot of inspiration for outdoor projects this summer.

      A newer product is their concrete paver or Bridgewood Slab. These slabs are concrete but stamped to look like wood. Unlike wood, they will not rot or warp. However, because it is concrete, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Some areas of the Kananaskis Nordic Spa use Bridgewood in their landscaping around the pools and spas. It’s “the authentic look of wood in a concrete slab.”

     Bridgewood can be purchased at a local landscape supply store such as CLS Landscape Supply, Burnco or Eagle Lake Landscape Supply.

To note: it’s important you install it properly the first time. A reinstallation will be very expensive. The most important part is the foundation.

Make sure it is fully compacted and has a minimum 4-inches of compacted base rock.

     The cost to install pavers yourself will range between $7 to $11 per square foot. This price should include all the equipment rentals, base rock, sand, edging and any other equipment needed. The cost of hiring a professional will be between $17 to $23 per square foot. Major factors effecting cost are the type of pavers, accessibility for heavy equipment, cuts around the edges and any major slopes to account for. For professional landscape companies in Calgary, we recommend CLS Landscaping, Chinook Landscaping or Alpine Vista.


Inspiration 3: Bubbling Rock Water Feature

      A waterfall? Isn't that going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to get? They certainly could. Some crazy cool waterfall features are incredibly expensive. However, it is one of the most underrated landscape designs for a relatively low cost. In this feature, water gently recirculates through the rock from a water basin. It overflows and cascades back down.

birds sitting on top of a rock feature with water flowing out

      Realistically, you can get a beautiful water feature for less then $1500 if you do it yourself. It has become much easier in recent years due to kits and products on the market. We recommend the bubbling rock for two reasons: minimal maintenance and it is easy to install. Ideally, you’ll find a rock with an existing natural hole in it. Moss rocks are naturally gnarled and full of holes. You’re not at a loss if you don’t have a rock with a pre-existing hole. Diamond core drill bits are available from rental stores and will do the job. It is possible to rent a rotary hammer drill and a one-inch- diameter masonry bit to drill though the stone.

Pro Tip: “Don’t force the drill; let the weight of the hammer drill do the work. Pull the bit out of the stone every inch or so to clear the dust. If you’ve picked out a rounded stone, stabilize it before drilling by digging a little crater in the ground to rest it in.”

 bubbling rock feature

    If you don’t want to drill through on your own, you can buy a pre-drilled rock from places such as SiteOne or Burnco Landscape. Almost review physical samples in store before you purchase. Although variations in colour and texture are to be expected, you want to know exactly what will be in your lawn - relatively permanently. Most boulders are completely unique, natural stone is not a manufactured product. The variation enhances the unique and natural appeal of the product.

      The installation will take a couple days. You’ll need a pond liner, water pump with hose or tubing, your center rock, and additional rocks to surround the main feature. This project is a fraction of the expense of a waterfall or pond. A professional quote would land between $1500 to $5000. Price depends on the size of the rocks, how many and the excavation. Babbling Brooks or Waterrock Landscapes Inc., are both good local contractors we recommend.

      Whether you choose to DIY this project or go with a contractor, you’ll have a relaxing acoustic design that looks amazing with night lights. Hopefully, you can implement some of these landscape designs in your DIY projects this summer. Remember to plan ahead, budget properly and assess the risk of DIY versus a contractor.

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